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Ben 'Folart' Fogarty spills his beans!

"Breastfeeding a bay doll ?!?! Our project manager Down Under is hardly Crocodile Dundee! "


The Interviews:

Name: Ben "Folart" Fogarty

Team Supported: Liverpool

First Game Attended & its Abiding Memory: Cameroon v Kuwait (2000 Olympics, Group Match), a ripper match where I got to see a young Eto'o and team play out of their skins.  They won my support that game so I went back to watch them beat Gold Medal favourites Brazil in a nail biting game that saw the Cameroons win over the crowd, a Ronaldinho 90 minute equalizer to send the game into extra time, and (to the crowd's delight) Mbami of Cameroon to hit the winner in 23rd minute of extra-time.  I was also pleased to see (after Australia was knocked out in the group stages) Cameroon go on to win the Gold Medal against a classy Spain squad by way of a shoot out.

Favourite Ground: Never been there, but there's something about the legendary status of Anfield stadium that makes me want to go there and never leave.

Favourite Ever Match: With the risk of sounding patriotic, I'm going to have to say my favourite match has go to be World Cup 2006, final game of the group, Australia v Croatia.  We needed a draw to go through to the 2nd round, and not many expected it, since it was Australia's first world cup for 32 years.  The game started atrociously with us falling behind in the 2nd minute.  We managed to equalize through a Moore penalty in the 38th minute, but then almost lost all hope when a Kovac screamer put them ahead again, in the 56th minute.  I will admit, at that stage I let down my country and had lost all hope of progressing.  But then a Guus Hiddink masterstroke, which allowed an injured Harry Kewell to run on, paid off with Kewell netting the equalizer in the 79th minute.

Favourite Ever Goal: No brainer ... Steven Gerrard, 2005 Champions League final.  Liverpool were three goals down at half time to AC Milan.  Gerrard came out in the second half and scored an inspiring cracker, running back in celebration and spurring his team on that they could do what was needed, which they did.  2 goals and a nail biting penalty shoot-out later, Liverpool were crowned the best in Europe.

Fantasy X1:
1 - Dino Zoff (ITA)
2 - Cafu (BRA)
3 - Franz Beckenbauer (GER)
4 - Nemanja Vidic (SER)
5 - Roberto Carlos (BRA)
6 - David Beckham (ENG)
7 - Steven Gerrard (ENG)
8 - Michel Platini (FRA)
9 - Cristiano Ronaldo (POR)
10 - Johan Cruyff (NET)
11 - Lionel Messi (ARG)
Manager - Sir Alex Ferguson

Hero in Football: Gerrard - He epitomizes a hard working footballer and on field leadership.  Not to mention he's bloody awesome.

Where state do you think English Football will be in 10years time?:  Will Beckham still be playing?  If not, there might not be the world-following you have at the moment, but I think the quality of your game and the results in competition will improve.  Not that I can talk, being an Aussie, but you always seem to under-perform when it counts.  Yet (unlike Australia), you have world-class players and leagues.  Doesn't make sense.  But I think the time is coming, where someone might actually throw some decent tactics into a well-balanced squad (instead of just a bunch of good players), and we'll see a Euro (or dare I say World Cup) trophy come your way.
On a domestic level, I think the quality of the game and supporters followings will only grow stronger, but I do fear for the business end of football.  I'm not one of these guys that says business has no place in football.  Of course it does.  How else would we end up with the amazing quality of games, coverage and competitions we have today.  But there's a fine line between business supporting football, and business controlling football.  And I fear that the ever-decaying nature of "bad business" may continue to hold back the game and do more harm than good.  I think the powers that be need to take a good hard look at the game, spend more time watching their fans than their bank balances, and do something before the game suffers more than it can bare.  I guess the sign that English football has hit rock bottom may be the day when an A-League club finds itself offering a more attractive career path than a Premiere League one.  I know that sounds a bit foolish, but I'm guessing if you push players and fans too far, the game's gotta shift somewhere.  I do hope it doesn't come to that ... but at least I'd see a lot more world-class games, ay!

First Single Ever Bought: What a dumb question ... who'd ever thought I'd have to admit this.  Mariah Carey and Boyz to Men - "One Sweet Day" (the redeeming thing was though; I had to Google the name of the song.  That's right; my therapy and child-hood memory suppression is working!)

First Album Ever Bought: 100% Hits Volume 7 ... I used to buy the mixes coz it was cheaper than buying multiple albums just for the songs I knew, and that way I was covering all bases in case a girl I was chasing was into Video Hits.  It was all-tactical - whatever happened to the love of the music!!!

Last Album Bought: Costello Music - The Fratellis (trying to hold onto a youthful interest in music so I don't feel like I'm growing old.  I told you - it's all-tactical.

Desert Island/Tasmania Discs - What 5 Albums would you take?:
1 - Coldplay - X & Y
2 - The Fray - How to Save a Life (for those lone nights when I want to go deep)
3 - Avril Lavigne (any album ... you need something to pretend you're dancing around with younger girls)
4 - Sister Hazel - Somewhere More Familiar
5 - Oasis - What's the Story Morning Glory (they're my Beatles)

First Gig Attended: (this is going to sound really sad) ... Tom Burlinson - the Voice of Sinatra (before you judge, I took my Dad ... but I do have to admit - it was awesome - love frank Sinatra).  With the risk of sharing even more information that will discredit my manhood, I do have to mention that I did not see many concerts or gigs in my younger days.  I was more a musical guy ... (groan ... is this is what it feels like to come out of the closet?).

Favourite Gig Venue: Brisbane Entertainment Centre (saw Greece the Musical in the Round ... why is this happening!!!)

Fantasy Band:
Vocals: Liam Gallagher (Oasis)
Lead Guitar: Eric Clapton
Rhythm Guitar: John Mayer
Bass Guitar: Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Drums: Mark Trojanowski (Sister Hazel)
Keyboards: John Lennon (The Beatles)

Hero in Music:  Noel Gallagher ... anyone who can take off the Beatles and get away with it is okay in my books.

Where state do you think the Music Industry will be in 10years time?:
Besides wearing less clothes (so it seems), I don't know ... one would hope there would be more musicals.  Actually, what if instead of bands opening for other bands, they all joined forces and put together a musical?  Wouldn't that be great!!!  (I'm hoping I won't be asked any music questions next time ...)

Favourite Radio Show: Hamish and Andy - two Australian comedians ... love ‘em!

First Film seen at the Cinema: He-Man, Master of the Universe.  I went and saw it with my cousin when I was about 6, and afterwards, I think we pretended we were Masters of the Universe for the next 12 years.  (and before you start saying anything, I'll have you know that He-Man's twin sister Sheila used to always be apart of our fantasies ... wait, that didn't come out right!).

Favourite Films of All-Time:
1 - Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
2 - The Fight Club
3 - Snatch
4 - Hot Fuzz
5 - Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Actor: Colin Farrell (Male),

Favourite Comedian: Seth Rogan (American), Ricky Gervais (British)

Favourite Sitcom: The Office (English)

Favourite TV Show: House MD

Favourite Author: Ted Dekker

What 5 Books will you always go back to:
1 - The Bible
2 - Three (Ted Dekker)
3 - The Shack (William P. Young)
4 - Anything by Shakespeare
5 - Blessed Child (Ted Dekker & Bill Bright)

Most money won on a bet:
$280 on an online poker tournament (I have a system).

Favourite City: (not in Australia) Regensberg, Germany.  I Spent 8 weeks there in 1998.

Favourite Cuisine: Chinese food, especially beef & black bean sauce. Mmmmm.

Favourite Drink: Coronas.

Who would you consider ‘playing away' from the missus with? (hopefully with her consent): How dare you ask (when she might read this)!

Who would you consider turning gay with? (hopefully with their consent):
Don't think I could actually do the gay thing ... but I'd be "life partners" with Steven Gerrard, Hugh Laurie or the character Dexter (from the TV show, played by Michael C. Hall).

Hero in Life:
Definitely Jesus.  But out of the "non-divine" category, I'd probably go with Mel Gibson.  Not because I think he's awesome or "life partner" material, but because he's doing with his life exactly what I want to do.  Writing, producing, directing (and sometime staring) in films he's passionate about ... and (whether you agree with what he's trying to achieve or not) in doing so, he's trying to change the world one movie at a time.  I WANT THAT.