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Haggers spills his beans!

"Whether he's slapping or plucking, Haggers is a demon on the bass guitar. We really wanna see those fingers!"

The Interview:

Name:  Dave Hagger

First Single Ever Bought: 'Free Electric Band' - Albert Hammond

First Album Ever Bought: 'Bad' - Michael Jackson

Last Album Bought: 'Chinese Democracy' - Gun N' Roses

Desert Island/Isle Of Mann Discs - What 5 Albums would you take?:
1 - God Shuffled His Feet - Crash Test Dummies
2 - Misplaced Childhood -  Marillion
3 - Space Oddity - David Bowie
4 - The Division Bell - Pink Floyd
5 - Blues In A Bottle - Out Of The Blue

First Gig Attended: Status Quo at Shefield Arena when I was 9

Best Gig Played: At Hammersmith Palais with my old band Jaded

Favourite Gig Venue: Rock City in Nottingham

Fantasy Band:
Vocals: Prince
Lead Guitar: Slash
Rhythm Guitar: Eric Clapton
Bass Guitar: Marcus Miller
Drums: Stewart Copeland
Keyboards: Jools Holland

Hero in Music: Paul McCartney

What state do you think the Music Industry will be in 10years time?:
More weird intertwining of genres like country and rap (crap) and new musical instrument inventions (hasn't been one in over 100 years). I think that all new albums will be released as videos downloaded off the net and we'll see the birth of "quiet gigs" where  audiences wear headphones due to nanny state health and safety noise restrictions.

Favourite Radio Show: Haven't really tuned in since I left Terry Wogan behind in the UK.

First Film seen at the Cinema: Bambi

Favourite Films of All-Time:
1 -Star Wars
2 -The Godfather II
3 -Aliens
4 -The 3 Amigos
5 - The Bounty

Favourite Actor: Al Pacino

Favourite Comedian: Bill Bailey

Favourite Sitcom: Faulty Towers

Favourite TV Show: The Sopranos

Favourite Joke:
What did the blind man say when he passed the fishmonger?

"Good morning ladies"

Favourite Author: Ben Elton

What 5 Books will you always go back to:
1 -Ring World- Larry Niven
2 -Scar Tissue - Anthony Kiedis
3 -Down Under - Bill Bryson
4 - The new Encyclopedia of Body Building - Arnold Schwarzenegger
5 - The Definitive Book of Body Language - Alan Pease

Hero in Literature: Probably Bill Bryson

Most money won on a bet: 80quid on a fruit machine aboard a ferry going to France when I was 12 but I got greedy and lost it all. Haven't gambled since.

Favourite City: Amsterdam... so far

Favourite Cuisine: Good old English Sunday roast

Favourite Drink: JD & Coke

Who would you consider ‘playing away' from the missus with? (hopefully with her consent): Daphne Zuniga (when she was younger)

Who would you consider turning gay with? (hopefully with their consent): Errrm, Boy George?

Hero in Life: My Dad