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Jimminy Cricket spills his beans!

"2UpTop's 'Jimminy Cricket' looks like Freddie Flintoff, drinks like Freddie Flintoff, plays a bit like Freddie Flintoff and comes from the same part of the world as Freddie. Come to think of it, we've never seen the two of them in the same room at the same time?..... "


The Interviews:


Name: Jimmy Aspinwall  

Team Supported: None in particular. I never inherited a team from my dad, so I pick and choose depending on the style of play and the way the club is run.

First Game Attended & it's Abiding Memory:
It was Aston Villa vs Marseilles. I remember how much the crowd whinged about the way Villa played. Then, in the blink of an eye Savo Milosevic scored and they were all talking of being the best team in Europe if they keep playing like this. Bizarre.

Favourite Away Ground: I really like Pompey's Fratton Park. It's a genuine struggling club ground with no pretentiousness. The fans get behind their team and help them overachieve. That's what being a club is really all about.

Favourite Ever Match: Man Utd winning that Champions league final in 99'. Scoring twice in injury time. It typified the never say die attitude and belief they showed that whole season.

Favourite Ever Goal: Matt Le Tissier vs Newcastle. You know the one. He back-heels it over his head to start an amazing run before slotting it calmly in.

Fantasy X1:
1 - Bryan Gunn
2 - Gary Neville
3 - Roberto Carlos
4 - Vinnie Jones
5 - Nemanja Vidic
6 - Stuart Pearce
7 - Paul Gascoigne
8 - Steven Gerrard
9 - Alan Shearer
10 - Wayne Rooney
11 - Georgie Kinkladze
Subs - Andy Goram - Carlton Palmer - Ian Botham - Phil Neville - Dennis Compton
Manager - Mike Bassett

Hero in Football:  I love the way Steven Gerrard always seems to get Liverpool through when it is do or die. You now expect him to score a screamer and he rarely disappoints. He is 2 thirds of their team.

What state do you think English Football will be in 10years time?:
I think the national team may well do better with fewer great players. They might get freed up by the reduced expectation born out of so many disappointments.

First Single Ever Bought: ‘Dizzy' by Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff

First Album Ever Bought: REM - ‘Automatic for the People'

Last Album Bought: ‘Masterplan' - Oasis. I don't like anything until its 10 years old!

Desert Island/Isle Of Mann Discs - What 5 Albums would you take?:
1 - Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
2 - REM - Automatic for the People
3 - Dido - White Flag
4 - Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
5 - At Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash

First Gig Attended: It's a late one. Coldplay.

Favourite Gig Venue: The MEN Arena in Manchester. It's huge.

Fantasy Band:
Vocals: Johnny Cash
Lead Guitar: Eric Clapton
Rhythm Guitar: Noel Gallagher
Bass Guitar: John Fitzpatrick
Drums: Mick Fleetwood
Keyboards: Chris Martin

Hero in Music: Bob Dylan

What state do you think the Music Industry will be in 10years time?:
Hopefully everyone will buy online which will make alternative music more accessible and make the heavily marketed rubbish less profitable.

Favourite Radio Show: I used to love Mark & Lard on Radio1 back in England.

First Film seen at the Cinema: Button Moon

Favourite Films of All-Time:
1 - The Godfather
2 - Slumdog Millionaire
3 - Pulp Fiction
4 - Ice Age
5 - Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Actor: Al Pacino

Favourite Comedian: Ricky Gervais (by some distance)

Favourite Sitcom: The Office (USA)

Favourite TV Show: Blue Planet

Favourite Joke:
".....that's what she said."

Favourite Author: Wilbur Smith

What 5 Books will you always go back to:
1 - River God - Wilbur Smith
2 - Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
3 - The Kite Runner - Kalid Hosseini
4 - Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett
5 - Playing With Fire - Nasser Hussein's autobiography

Hero in Literature: Dan Brown. I love the questions raised in his books.

Most money won on a bet: Aus$29. I'm not much of a gambler. I bet $1 per run difference in aggregate runs for one of our club's cricket team's number 11.

Favourite City: Edinburgh. You can taste the history.

Favourite Cuisine: Thai

Favourite Drink: Any fine beer. They are all good.

Who would you consider ‘playing away' from the missus with? (hopefully with her consent):
Plenty, every day. Wouldn't mind a bit of Catherine Heigl at the moment tho!

Who would you consider turning gay with? (hopefully with their consent):
Verne Troyer (plays Mini Me in Austin Powers). Midgets just do it for me.

Hero in Life: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Greatest ever bodybuilder. Highest paid Hollywood actor. Most popular governor of California. Who knows what next?