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Juliane Moore: Still fit at 50

"'My secrets to looking fantastic at 50,' by Julianne Moore the pale and interesting pin-up"




Julianne Moore has made more than 50 films, clocked up four Oscar nominations, posed nude for Bulgari and found time to write a few children's books.


And she's a dab hand at modelling too.


The 50-year-old actress looks seductive and amazingly youthful in a new photo shoot for the May issue of InStyle.


The Kids Are All Right star is pictured in a short dress with a cream jacket thrown over her shoulders. Her long legs are the highlight of the image which she accessorised with shiny black shoes.


Another image from the magazine shoot depicts Moore in a dress the colour of autumn leaves which perfectly matches her auburn hair.


The actress is interviewed by fashion icon Tom Ford in the magazine where they talk about fashion, ageing gracefully and why they both love this season's Seventies trend.


The mother-of-two shared her beauty secrets and how she keeps her skin looking so soft and wrinkle-free.


'I say this to every young person I know,' Moore shared. 'Stay out of the sun! I have very fair skin and it would have been super-damaged. I always wear sunscreen and I walk on the shady side of the street.'


Julianne has recently put her $12.5million apartment up for sale in New York.


She lives with her husband director Bart Frundlich and their two children Caleb, 13 and eight-year-old Liv Helen.


When asked at what point does she feel her sexiest Moore laughed: 'I think you need to be away from your children'.


'Doing the mummy stuff does sort of squash that area of your life... I can feel that way when I'm alone with Bart or when we take a trip.


'But the day-to-day of picking up kids and going to the eye doctor and then dropping them off at basketball and then going to the middle school concert, that stuff doesn't make you feel very sexy! That was my day yesterday', she shared.


Moore also spoke about which decade of fashion she loves and loathes.


'I don't like Fifties clothes. I wear them in movies, or they appear on the runway, ladylike waists and all that.


'I'm like, "No!" I hate them on me, because I have no waist. I go straight up and down. So in my lifetime, I'd have to say the Seventies [are her favourite era]'.


She also claims to favour clogs and Birkenstocks over Manolo Blahniks and Christian Louboutins.


The Hours star also dished about her favourite comfort food, which going by her great figure, was obviously not going to be anything too fattening.


'Dover sole and French fries,' Moore said of the food she loves to indulge in. 'It's really boring, but I'll be in hotels where I'll eat that every night. And ice cream'.


Julianne has been fortunate enough to star on the big screen with some gorgeous leading men.


Of Mark Ruffalo who she starred in with Blindness in 2008 and his Oscar-nominated turn in The Kids Are Alright last year, Moore said: 'He's warm, quick and easy to connect with. He's an emotional guy. It's all right there in front of you. I love that about him.'


And she loves her British actors including Colin Firth who she said is 'like diving into a pool of words and fun with him'. She starred with him in A Single Man in 2009.


She also said Clive Owen, who she starred in with Children of Men in 2006 has her constantly laughing.


Julianne's latest role will be starring as Sarah Palin in an upcoming film.


But she has not exactly received a ringing endorsement from the former governor of Alaska.


The one-time US vice presidential candidate shared her views about the film Game Change saying: 'I think I'll just grit my teeth and bear whatever comes what may with that movie'.


The upcoming HBO film is based on the political tell-all book of the same name, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at the US 2008 general election.