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Lukey Moore spills his beans!

"The star of 'The Football Ramble' & London's 'go to man' "


The Interviews:

Name: Luke Aaron Moore

Team Supported: Portsmouth

First Game Attended & its Abiding Memory:
I don't think it was the first game I attended, but it's the one I remember most clearly, everything before this one is sort of patchy. It was Pompey's Fifth Round FA Cup game against Middlesbrough in 1992. I was 11, and it finished 1-1. I can remember the bloke behind us saying ‘We'll never get a result up there in the replay...' and I think we went on to win it 4-2 away from home, which for Pompey was ridiculous. We had a good side that year, and narrowly missed out getting to the final on penalties to Liverpool.

Favourite Away Grounds:
Selhurst Park has been the site of some decent drama. Having said that, I like grounds where you can almost taste the history; Loftus Road, Highbury, Elland Road. Those sorts of places. I've not been to Anfield or Old Trafford; I'll get there at some stage though. Stamford Bridge is rubbish, for the record.

Favourite Ever Match:
Any game in World Cup 90, pretty much. The England/Cameroon quarter final especially. I've also enjoyed pretty much every Holland game I've watched; their performances in the group stages of Euro 2008 were simply magnificent. Spain have been nice to watch recently.

Favourite Ever Goal:
I don't get as many as I should, but you probably don't mean goals I've scored. Johann Cruyff once scored this ridiculous head height backheel once for Barcelona. If you haven't seen it, it's on youtube and well worth a few minutes of your time. I think Portsmouth once scored this goal about four years ago which was something like 35 passes. Every time I mention it to my friends, they don't believe me, and I can't find anything of it on youtube or in the press, so it may not exist. If it does exist, it's that one.

Fantasy X1:
I'm going to do a favourite XI in the world at this moment, just to be different. My reasoning for this is that it will literally take me a whole day to think of a fantasy XI.
1 - Iker Casillas
2 - Dani Alves
3 - Christian Chivu
4 - Rio Ferdinand
5 - Carlos Puyol
6 - Xavi Hernandez
7 - Sergio Aguero
8 - Andres Iniesta
9 - Fernando Torres
10 - Lionel Messi
11 - Samuel Eto'o
Manager - Pep Guardiola
I have no idea what formation they would play, Pep would sort it out. Probably some sort of 4-2-3-1 with Fernando up top on his own and Eto'o, Aguero and Messi behind him. Andres and Xavi pulling the strings from deep. Awesome.

Heroes in Football:
Sir Bobby Robson, David Beckham. If we're talking about football journalism, then David Conn, Patrick Barclay, James Richardson, Guillem Balague and Tom Bower are idols.

What state do you think English Football will be in 10years time?:
I could talk all day about this, really. If we carry on the way we're going, who knows? The game in this country is a shambles, in my opinion. We've got people that aren't football people making big decisions at board level in clubs and on various committees and in the halls of power. The problem stems from two main sources: 1. English football's relentless pursuit and courting of wealthy, non-football based investment. 2. The FA devolving most of its power to the Premier League without a decent independent governing body.
At the risk of boring everyone to death, I won't go into all the shit about spiraling wages for average players etc etc etc add infinitum. Ask David Conn or Tom Bower where they think the game is going in this country, and that should tell anyone everything they need to know. The bottom line is that what's happening at the moment isn't sustainable. Something has got to give, and sadly it'll probably mean several ‘smaller' clubs that are/were focal points for entire communities will go out of business, and the ‘big' clubs will end up in some sort of European league. Shocking really.
And don't anyone tell me that foreign players coming to the game in this country is the reason for our shit national side. This is bollocks. And anyone who thinks it's the case needs to actually think for themselves and take the time to look at the facts.

First Single Ever Bought:
The first single I bought for myself I think was probably ‘Ice Ice Baby' - Vanilla Ice, but the first single I had bought for me was ‘Do They Know It's Christmas?' - Band Aid. I'd like to think my taste has improved slightly since then.

First Album Ever Bought:
I think that was something by New Kids on the Block. I used to love them. This interview is making realise how much of a disgrace I was when I was young.

Last Album Bought:
That would have been ‘Crimes of the Future' by ‘Wild' Billy Childish, which I bought in conjunction with Fleet Foxes' debut record. Both are excellent.

Desert Island/Isle Of Mann Discs - What 5 Albums would you take?:
1 - Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins
2 - Rust Never Sleeps - Neil Young
3 - Diamond Dogs - David Bowie
4 - The La's - The La's
5 - The closest Bob Dylan record to hand
......I'm also going to sneak along......
6 - Now Here is Nowhere - Secret Machines

First Gig Attended:
BB King at The Ritz Cinema in Gosport with my old man.

Favourite Gig Venue:
Brixton Academy is decent, and I like Wedgwood Rooms in Portsmouth also. There is this cracking venue in Auckland called St James Palace, which I was lucky enough to see a couple of gigs in.

Fantasy Band:
Vocals: David Bowie
Lead Guitar: Slash
Rhythm Guitar: Neil Young
Bass Guitar: Mani
Drums: Keith Moon
Keyboards: Ray Manzarek

Hero in Music:
Neil Young. He's arguably the best songwriter that ever lived, and simply does not give a shit about anyone else. He does it on his own terms, or not at all.

What state do you think the Music Industry will be in 10years time?:
Who knows? It's dead on its arse, if you're talking about mainstream popular music. I'm not really part of that sphere at all really, I couldn't tell you any of the top 40 singles or albums. They got caught with their pants down, much the similar way the banks have been recently. Fucking about with no regulation and no responsibility, and now most of them can't make a dime. It's quite sad really. EMI was a national institution and it has been bought out by a venture capitalist, asset-stripping firm. People were up in arms about that when it happened, but it was EMI themselves that got into debt to the tune of a couple of billion quid, so what are you going to do? We're talking about a label with artists like Kylie Minogue, David Bowie, The Beatles and Coldplay. If they can't make any cash with that lot, then the industry really is fucked.
The problem is that labels and suits in the industry are getting openly pissed off about people listening to music for free online. I think the reason for this is that these labels are turning out such unmitigated shit in a production line, that people want to listen to it first before they part with their cash. Sounds fair to me. If you like it, support the artist and buy their record, or go and see them live. But there's nothing wrong with checking it out first.
I like music that speaks to me and is honest. I don't see any of that in most of today's mainstream music. I'll stick to All Tomorrow's Parties and independent labels from now on, I think.

Favourite Radio Show:
The Football Ramble is the best radio show/podcast out there, I genuinely believe that. Podcasting is the future of this sort of entertainment, because it doesn't need to adhere to a timetable, or ads or music if it doesn't want to. The Football Ramble isn't affiliated to any media company, and is the better for it, also. I also like Football Weekly.
Honourable mentions to Steve Lamacq on 6Music and Gideon Coe. Swimming upstream against an absolute torrent of shit.

First Film seen at the Cinema:
Think it was E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. I would have been very young.

Favourite Films of All-Time:
This isn't in any particular order apart from Jaws.
1 - Jaws
2 - Raging Bull
3 - Jurassic Park
4 - Apocalypse Now
5 - Donnie Darko

Favourite Actor:
I should probably say something intelligent like Alain Delon, but the truth is it's probably someone like Daniel Day-Lewis or Marlon Brando. For someone who is intensely watchable though, it might well be someone like Bogart or even Depp.

Favourite Comedian:
Bill Hicks probably. If I had to go for someone living, it would be a toss-up between Daniel Kitson or Tim Key. I also like Mitch Hedberg.

Favourite Sitcom:
Jesus, not sure. The Office. I'm Alan Partridge, Curb Your Enthusiasm all feature highly.

Favourite TV Show:
I am a sucker for anything David Attenborough has made, especially Planet Earth. The Sopranos and The Wire are also both perfect.

Favourite Joke:
The one about the barman with the orange for a head. I can't be bothered to type it out, but trust me, when told well it's great. I rarely tell it well, if ever.

Favourite Author: Albert Camus, Irving Welsh, Dostoevsky, Phillip Pullman, J.P. Donleavy... there are loads.

What 5 Books will you always go back to:
1 - The Plague - Albert Camus
2 - The Gambler - Fyodor Dostoevsky
3 - Cancer Ward - Alexander Solzenhitsyn
4 - On The Road - Jack Kerouac
5 - The Damned United - David Peace (the last book I read)

Hero in Literature:
Sal Paradise. Dean Moriarty. Raskolnikov. Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman.

Most money won on a bet:
I have this terrible habit of betting on ridiculous accumulators on the flawed logic that if one just came in, I'd be rich. I have won about £300 once I think. I try to see gambling as a little hobby, and am proud of the fact that I've only actually topped up my Betfair account about 4 times in as many years. But I never bet enough to really make it a risk, I'm too scared. If I win £30, I'm on a high for about a fortnight. There's currently about £60 in there. High stakes indeed.

Favourite City:
Auckland and Portsmouth for sentimental reasons. London is home for the moment so I'll have to say that. Stockholm is a wonderful place.

Favourite Cuisine:
There is a reason that I'm a fat mess, and that is Italian food. In fact, I like pretty much all food.

Favourite Drink:
Non-alcoholic drink?
Copella Apple and Mango. It is the fruit juice of kings.

Gin and Tonic. Or a nice cold pint of cider.

Who would you consider ‘playing away' from the missus with? (hopefully with her consent):
Scarlet Johansson. I wouldn't be considering it. I doubt any doubts would creep into my head, if I'm ruefully honest. ‘Considering it' implies that there's a chance I wouldn't do it. I've run it past the missus and she's fine with it.

Who would you consider turning gay with? (hopefully with their consent):
Fernando Torres. Sergio Aguero.
I realise that the list of men is bigger than the list of women, and I am comfortable with it. Incidentally, what are you going to do should any gay men/women take this interview? I guess you'll just have to reverse it.

Hero in Life:
There are loads. My Granddad. Neil Young. Bob Dylan. Brian Clough. In fact, I think I might be turning into Brian Clough, just without the talent.