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Strike Partners Quiz

"The days of strike partners seem to have passed, where the majority of teams choose to play the one up front with help on either flank when on the offensive. So we've got 150 very successful partnerships below and you have to name them to win a prize. The winner (the most correct answers) will win a t-shirt of their choice from the excellent www.soccerprint.co.uk website and also we will pick another winner out from the pack who gets over 50% right, to also win a t-shirt. So get racking those brains and jogging the memory to put a name to the faces of those great 2 Up Tops. Email your answers to the usual address. Closing date is 30th November 2009."

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Congratulations to Chris Phillips of Andover who amazingly answered 280 out of the 300 strikers correctly, and also Nicholas York who's name was picked out of the hat, who both win a SoccerPrint T-Shirt.