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"Back in the day when England and even Wales were glorious....well ahem, England failed to qualify for the 1974 and 1978 World Cups, neither did Wales, though they were seen off by the Scots in a 1977 play-off, and in the 1976 Euros, England came 2nd in their qualifying group to eventual winners Czechoslovakia, Wales went further to the second round of qualifying but were beaten on aggregate by Yugoslavia, and then for the 1980 Euros, England managed to qualify for the tournament, but didn't manage to get out of their group. But in those days men were men, tackles from behind were legal, and the flair players had real flair and personalities. And for all those years between 1974 and 1984, the England sides wore those classic Admiral kits. "

On this page are 120 images of those England players and a few Welsh ones too, who donned the Admiral kit for their country.


img117   img01


After the popularity of the 2010 England Umbro World Cup tracksuit tops, we have four of the original classic Admiral designed tracksuit tops, as worn above by that shithouse Don Revie and.........well, you have to tell us that, to give away to the:

First person to give us at least 50% of the names of the players wearing the Admiral England or Wales gear.

The person who gets the most answers correct.

Two lucky punters whose names get pulled out of the 2-UpTop hat.

So cast your minds back and cast a beady eye over the 118 images below and put a name to the faces of those classy 70' and 80's home internationals below, and the fella juggling the Mitre ball above and the five internationals in the thumbnail with the cheesy grins.

Then email us your answers, name, address and garment size to [email protected] Closing date is Monday 26th July 2010.




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