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The 2UpTop Brain Teasing Pub Quiz

"by Jimma and Edmo. Whoever gets the highest score, the most correct answers back in by midnight 31st May, and a lucky punter whose name is picked out of the hat; all win a copy of a bestselling book of their choice from Amazon.co.uk. And let's try to resist the temptation of Google...you know you are only cheating yourself! Closing Date is Monday 6th June. Answers to be emailed to [email protected]"



1 - We're easing you in gently.........can you name the 10 club badges shown below? (1 point for each)





2 - Can you name the highest scoring player in the Premiership for each letter of the alphabet? You'll start off flying, but you'll soon grind to a halt.............(1 point per player plus 20 bonus points if all answered correctly)


A -

B -

C -

D -

E -

F -

G -

H -

I -

J -

K -

L -

M -

N -

O -

P -

Q -

R -

S -

T -

U -

V -

W -

X -

Y -

Z -








With the 2012 London Olympics under a year away, here's some teasers from Olympics gone past......... 


1. Name all the 11 GB gold medal winners in individual events at the 2008 Beijing Games, i.e. not team event gold medals?  (1 point for each)


2. How many Olympic medals did Steve Redgrave win in his glittering rowing career? (1 point)


3. Which band reached number 8 in the album charts in 1995 with their debut ‘Olympian'? (1 point)


4. According to their website at the end of 2008, how much did an ‘Olympic' breakfast cost from the Little Chef? (Within 50p for 1 point, bang on 2 points)


5. What was the world record time that Usain Bolt recorded in the 2008 200m Olympic final, beating Michael Johnson's legendary 19.32 secs? (1 point)


6. If you were travelling to London's Horse of the Year show at Olympia, which would be the closest tube station for you to use......you big gaylord?! (1 point)


7. Which Olympian achieved hero status for Great Britain in 1988 despite finishing 56th out of his 57 man event, with the 57th person having been disqualified? (1 point)


8. Who did Allan Wells beat in the 1980 100m Final by a photo-finish? (1 point)


9. What sport did Blake Aldridge represent GB in at the Beijing 2008 Games? For an extra point the specific name of his event? (1 point / 2 points)


10. How many Olympic medals has Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe accumulated? (1 point)


11. How many individual track medals in total did Great Britain win in the 80', 84' and 88' Olympics (2 points and 1 point for every athlete named)


12. Which two nations have won the most gold medals in the men's football competition? (1 point for each)








1. In Australian cricket, Alan Border has 93, Steve Waugh 57 and Adam Gilchrist just 6? What do these numbers refer to? (1 point)


2. Which former Australian Open tennis champion, withdrew from the 2009 event as she was pregnant with her 2nd child? (1 point)


3. Lewis Hamilton pipped Felipe Massa by 1 point to the Formula 1 driver's title in 2008 on 98 points, however which two drivers finished tied behind these two on 75 points? (2 points)


4. Who captained the USA Ryder Cup team in 2010 and who will captain the US team in 2012? (2 points)


5. Which player holds the record for the most tries at Rugby World Cups? (1 point)


6. Who won 7 consecutive cycling titles before retiring in 2005? (1 point)


8. What is the first name shared by Stewart who scored 19 Premier League goals for Ipswich Town in 2000-01 and the author of ‘Coming Back to Me' the 2008 William Hill Sports Book of the Year? (2 points)


9. Name the five boxers who have defeated Mike Tyson. (1 points for each)


10. Before world darts split into the PDC and BDO, Eric Bristow won 5 world titles and John Lowe 3 world titles. Which two darts players are next in line with two titles a-piece? (2 points)








Name the authors of these autobiographies............(1 point for each)


1 - Tales From The Boot Camps


2 - Addicted


3 - Left Foot Forward


4 - Full Time


5 - Head On


5 - Take It Like A Man


6 - The Dirt


7 - Blitzed!


8 - Rockers n' Rollers


9 - Leading With My Chin


10 - Born Standing Up


11 - Who Ate All The Pies?


12 - Dear Fatty

13 - Open








We're taking you back to when hit singles actually meant something................


1 - What was the best selling UK single of 1960? (2 points)


2 - What was the best selling UK single of 1970? (2 points)


3 - What was the best selling UK single of 1980? (2 points)


4 - What was the best selling UK single of 1990? (2 points)


5 - What was the best selling UK single of 2000? (2 points)


6 - What was the best selling UK single of 2010? (2 points)


7 - What are the Top Ten biggest global selling albums of all-time? (1 point for each and a bonus 5 points if all correct)








1. Which of the following 10 cities was not voted as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit by Lonely Planet for 2011? New York, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Wellington, Tangier, Valencia, Ghent, Delhi, Chiang Mai or Newcastle (NSW) ? (1 point)


2. If you left Melbourne and headed 300km along the Hume freeway towards the New South Wales border, what town would you end up in? (1 point)


3. If you then carried on in the same direction for another 560km, then where would you end up? (1 point)


4. Which is furthest north out of Leeds, Bradford and York? (1 point)


5. Which Indian city was officially renamed Chennai in 1996? (1 point)


6. What name was the Indian city of Bombay changed to in 1996? (1 point)


7. The capital city of Dublin is situated at the mouth of which river? (1 point)


8. What is the capital city of Estonia? (1 point)


9. In what year did the UK hand over Hong Kong back to the Chinese? (1 point)


10. If you spent a 7 day golf break playing the New, Jubilee, Eden, Strathtyrum, Balgove and the Castle Courses, where would you be? And for an extra point which course would you have left to play on your final day? (2 points)








1. Which north African seaport's name is Spanish for white house? (2 points)


2. What are the world's two most popular non-alcoholic drinks? (2 points)


3. In which street is the Bank of England? (2 points)


4. What license cost 37 pence when it was abolished in 1988? (2 points)


5. What rank in the Royal Navy is the equivalent of the army's Field Marshall? (2 points)


6. Which is the only vowel on a standard keyboard that is not on the top line of letters? (2 points)


7. In Monopoly if you landed on each of the last 3 places to buy before getting back around to ‘Go' and bought all 3, how much change would you have from £1,000? (2 points)


8. Who was made Chief Executive of Marks and Spencer in May 2004 and was knighted in 2008? (2 points)


9. What letter is given to a car number plate when the age or identity of the vehicle is unknown or if it may have been built from parts? (2 points)


10. What have Not The Nine O'Clock News, Black Adder, Spitting Image, Mr Bean, Robbie The Reindeer, Bridget Jones, The Boat That Rocked and Four Weddings & A Funeral all have in common? (2 points)








1. An ancient temple was built in the year 50BC. 75 years later it burnt down. In what year did it burn down? (2 points)

A)   25AD

B)   26AD

C)   24AD 


2. A mathematical biker decides to sell his bike. The advert says the bike costs £1000 + half its price. How much is the bike? (2 points)

A)   £1,500

B)   £1,750

C)   £2,000 


3. 97 people enter a tennis tournament. How many matches do you need to arrange to find a winner? (2 points)


4. Seven piles of bricks are placed side by side so that their tops form steps one brick high. If the lowest pile contains nine bricks, how many bricks are being used altogether? (2 points)


5. One of the numbers in the following line does not fit properly with the others Which is it? 1, 9, 16, 23, 27, 31, 34  (2 points)


6. Add all your answers together from above 5 questions? (6 points)