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The 2UpTop Tasty Trivia Christmas Quiz

"Ten of the Best! There's a mountain of 200 trivia questions on 10 different subjects including Christmas No.1's, football, cricket, boxing, golf, tennis, rugby, motor sport, literature and films. Have a go at answering them yourselves......if you use the internet, then you're only cheating yourself!"






Question 1:

Name the 4 ex-England internationals dressed as Santa above.


Question 2:

Name 4 teams out of the 92 in England (Premiership, Championship and Leagues 1-2), who start with the same letter that they end with.


Question 3:

There is only one team out of the 4 divisions in England and the 4 divisions in Scotland that have a 'j' in their name. Name them


Question 4:

What was significant about Ian Rush's goal in Liverpool's 1987 League Cup Final defeat to Arsenal, when Charlie Nicholas scored both of Arsenal goals?


Question 5:

Out of the 92 English League teams, whose ground is at the highest altitude?


Question 6:

From which Argentinean club did Tottenham Hotspurs sign Ossie Ardiles in August 1978?


Question 7:

What 3 players have scored 5 goals in a Premier League match?


Question 8:

What 2 Welshmen hold the most appearances in the Premier League for outfield players?


Question 9:

What 3 ex-Glasgow Rangers players have a World Cup winners medal?


Question 10:

Name 8 European cities that have had more than 1 team from the city reach at least the Champions League (or old European Cup) semi final.


Question 11:

Name the 14 sides of the 92 League teams that do not share their last name with any others.


Question 12:

Which team in the British first class leagues has the longest name?


Question 13:

Who is the only player to score in a Manchester, Merseyside and Glasgow derby?


Question 14:

Name 7 players who have 4 FA Cup winner's medals each.


Question 15:

Why is Hull City unique?


Question 16:

Who scored Italy's opening goal of the 1986 World Cup against Bulgaria?


Question 17:

Fill in the missing gap:

    1979: Sunderland

    1980: ???

    1981: Villa


Question 18:

Which side at one time had six past, present and future England captains in the same team, and in which year?


Question 19:

Which 11 English and Scottish cities can have derby matches?


Question 20:

Which league football team is closest to the River Mersey?


Question 21:

Name the four teams beginning with C that have won the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium.


Question 22:

What Southampton player had his jaw broken by Paul Davis in 1988, resulting in a 9 match ban for the Arsenal midfielder?


Question 23:

Which British team has won the European Cup more times than its own top league?


Question 24:

Name 2 England captains since the war, whose surnames start with the same letter as their christian name?


Question 25:

What Scottish international footballer, also played for Scotland in cricket?


Question 26:

Which World Cup winning player, played one match for Essex as a wicket-keeper?


Question 27:

Name 3 England captains who have played for Scunthorpe United?


Question 28:

Which team in the football league has the smallest ground in England?


Question 29:

Which English teams are furthest north, south, east and west?


Question 30:

Which is the only team to have played in the Premier League, the old Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4, and Divisions 3 South and 3 North?


Question 31:

Name 10 players who have scored for 5 different Premiership teams (O.G's goals don't count)


Question 32:

Name 6 England players with an "x" in their surname.


Question 33:

Name the team with the shortest and the longest one word team name out of the 92 League sides.


Question 34:

What was used in the 1973 FA Cup Final and never used again?


Question 35:

Five teams have won the European Cup and their own domestic league and cup double in the same season.  Can you name them?


Question 36:

Who is the only player to be substituted in an international match at Wembley to be replaced by his brother?


Question 37:

13th September 2003 - York City v Yeovil Town. What was so special about this fixture?


Question 38:

Name 3 players who have played for England who each have 3 O's in their surname.


Question 39:

Name 3 teams with 3 O's in their title?


Question 40:

Name 3 players to score a hat-trick for three premiership teams?


Question 41:

Name 9 players who have played for England since 1966 whose surname ends with the same letter it starts with.


Question 42:

Which is the only English league football ground to have a pub on every corner?


Question 43:

Who is the only scouser to win the FA Cup with Liverpool and Everton?


Question 44:

Who was the last team to score 100 goals in a top flight league season?


Question 45:

What Australian player holds the most appearances for the Socceroos as an outfield player currently still playing and what Australian striker has scored the most goals for the Socceroos of those still currently playing?


Question 46:

Which player scored in the last minute against Leicester City in two consecutive Boxing Day fixtures?


Question 47:

What 4 player-managers played in the FA Cup final?


Question 48:

What three players have been relegated with 4 different Premiership clubs?


Question 49:

Who is the only non-English team to have won the FA Cup and what year was it?


Question 50:

Who was the first substitute in an FA Cup Final?


Question 51:

Name 3 club sides to win a foreign country's league


Question 52:

Who was the last person in the England manager's role to lead a side out at the old Wembley Stadium?


Question 53:

Who was the only player to captain the winning team in both the Scottish and English FA Cup Finals?


Question 54:

What is the largest city never to have had a league team?


Question 55:

Name the 2 teams out of the 92 League sides with an 'x' in their name?


Question 56:

Which team reached the FA Cup Final at Wembley even though they lost a game (that was not abandoned or replayed) in an earlier round in the same season?


Question 57:

Name 2 players with a "z" in their surname who scored FA Cup Final goals in the 1980's.


Question 58:

Who is the only player to score a hat-trick in the Premiership, Championship, League 1, League 2, (or the divisions under their previous names), the League Cup, the FA Cup and for his country?


Question 59:

What were Sheffield Wednesday's and Everton's first football grounds?


Question 60:

Who beat Manchester United in a 5-3 classic at Old Trafford on 30th December 1978?


Question 61:

Name the seven clubs in the English leagues that have the same amount of letters in their first name and last name?


Question 62:

What player has played in the North London, Merseyside, Manchester derbies, has won the Premiership, FA Cup, Champions League and European Championship?


Question 63:

Name two players to have won the European Championship, Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League with their respective teams?


Question 64:

Who is the ex-Aberdeen and Barcelona star who appeared on Top of the Pops twice on the same night?


Question 65:

When did Bobby Moore score his last goal?


Question 66:

Name 4 players to score in 2 World Cup Finals?


Question 67:

Who is the only person to captain England and manage a team in a European Cup Final?


Question 68:

Only 1 team in the English & Scottish leagues does not contain any of the letters from the word FOOTBALL. Which one?


Question 69:

Only 2 English League teams do not contain any of the letters from the word GOAL. Name them?

Only 4 English League teams contain ALL the letters of the word GOAL. Name them?


Question 70:

What goalkeeper saved 8 out of 10 penaties faced in the 1979/80 1st Division season?


Question 71:

Can you name the 5 England Internationals (since 1960) whose surnames only contain 3 letters?


Question 72:

Which is the only one of the English 92 football leagues clubs whose name is made up of 11 different letters of the alphabet with no repeats?


Question 73:

Name 4 players who have played for 4 different teams that have won the European Cup though they have never won it themselves?


Question 74:

Who was Britain's first player to be sold for over £2m?


Question 75:

Which player has played in the, Merseyside derby, North London derby, Milan derby, Munich derby and the North East derby?


Question 76:

Which 3 players did Brian Clough buy when in charge of Leeds United?


Question 77:

Name 4 English players who have been transferred for over £7m but have never played for England?


Question 78:

Who is the only English player to win two European Cup Winner's medals with different English clubs, though was only on the field for a total of 3 minutes?


Question 79:

Which three ex-Liverpool players have won the premiership?


Question 80:

Which footballer was once brought on in an international match as a replacement for his Dad?


Question 81:

Who is the only team to win the FA cup in Yorkshire?


Question 82:

Who has held the FA cup for the longest period?


Question 83:

Name three players to have won the Champions League, UEFA Cup, Premiership and FA Cup?


Question 84:

Which 2 players played in the last FA Cup final and the last England international at the old Wembley?


Question 85:

Name the five teams from the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two whose names end with the letter E?


Question 86:

Only five teams from their nation's capital city have won the European Cup/ Champions' League.  Name them.


Question 87:

Which team has a football ground in 2 countries?


Question 88:

Which player won league championship winners medals in consecutive seasons with three different clubs?


Question 89:

Who has managed both Aston Villa and Birmingham City?


Question 90:

Can you name 4 towns/cities in Scotland that have more than one league team?


Question 91:

Excluding Uniteds, name the 3 teams in England and Scotland that have 2 U's in their name.


Question 92:

Which British footballer scored a goal at his home ground for the away team and it wasn't an own goal?


Question 93:

Who are the only international football team to record an identical scoreline in every match they played in the World Cup?


Question 94:

Which British footballer scored in 3 consecutive World Cups against teams from 3 different continents?


Question 95:

Italy were the first country to have 2 different teams reach the semi-final of the European Cup, Spain were the first country to have 3 different representatives; Who were the first country to have 4 different representatives?


Question 96:

What two managers allegedly headbutted their star players in Dec 09'?


Question 97:

Which World Cup never had a cup final?


Question 98:

In the 1974 World Cup, which team were knocked out of the first round, but were also the only team never to lose a match in the tournament?


Question 99:

Which team featured in both the FA Cup and League Cup semi-finals in the 1980/81 season?


Question 100:

What five English clubs have won back-to-back top-flight titles since the war?




Other Sports:



Question 1:

Who took 42 wickets in the 1981 Ashes Series?


Question 2:

Who is the only player to have hit a triple-ton and a single-ton in a match in all first-class cricket?


Question 3:

On what West Indian island did Brian Lara finish on 400 not out against England in 1994?


Question 4:

At what ground did Simon Jones rupture his anterior cruciate knee ligament in the 2002 Ashes Series?


Question 5:

What Aussie bowled the infamous underarm last ball of the ODI against New Zealand in Melbourne 1981?


Question 6:

Who holds the record for the most appearances in the Ryder Cup?


Question 7:

Who holds the record for the most points scored in the Ryder Cup?


Question 8:

Who won the PGA Open Championship seven years apart in 1986 and 1993?


Question 9:

Who did Frank Bruno defeat to finally win a World Heavyweight Title?


Question 10:

Who did Ricky Hatton beat to win the IBF Light-Welterweight Title?


Question 11:

Name two of the four European boxers who retired from boxing as undefeated World Champions.


Question 12:

Name seven Australian men's tennis players to have played in a Wimbledon Singles Final.


Question 13:

Who did Virginia Wade beat to win the 1977 Ladies Singles title at Wimbledon?


Question 14:

How many Grand Slam titles did Fred Perry win in the 1930's?


Question 15:

What British racing driver came 3rd in the Drivers Championship in the 1982 Formula One season?


Question 16:

Who finished in front of Nelson Piquet to win the 1980 Formula One Drivers Championship?


Question 17:

What three Formula One racing teams did Nigel Mansell drive for?


Question 18:

Who scored the first try in the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup Final?


Question 19:

Who was the England captain when they won their first Grand Slam in 23 years in 1980?


Question 20:

Who holds the records for the most points scored in rugby league for Australia and for England??




UK Christmas No.1 Singles:



Question 1:

What song kept The Pogues' ‘Fairytale Of New York' off top spot in 1987?


Question 2:

What cover version kept ‘Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)' by The Darkness off top spot in 2003?


Question 3:

What song was kept off the top spot by ‘Do They Know It's Christmas?' by Band Aid in 1984?


Question 4:

Phil Collins drummed on ‘Do They Know It's Christmas?' but whose drumming was sampled for the intro for the Band Aid single?


Question 5:

How many times has a version of ‘Do They Know It's Christmas?' made it to No.1 at xmas?


Question 6:

Whose Christmas 1966 No.1 stopped The Beatles getting the Christmas top spot for the 4th year running?


Question 7:

What Southampton born comedian gained the No.1 spot in 1971?


Question 8:

What year was Slade's ‘Merry Xmas Everybody' first released?


Question 9:

What was the 1975 and 1991 Christmas No.1 single?


Question 10:

What was the 1979 Christmas No.1 single?


Question 11:

What was the 1981 Christmas No.1 single?


Question 12:

What Vince Clarke composition made it to No.1 in the 1983 Christmas week?


Question 13:

Who had three Christmas No.1's in a row in the 1990's?


Question 14:

What 2000 Christmas No.1 single stopped Westlife getting a No.1 single for the 8th time in a row?


Question 15:

Who duet-ted with Robbie Williams for the 2001 Christmas No.1?







Question 1:

Who provided the voices for all the adult male characters in the 2004 film ‘The Polar Express'?


Question 2:

Who played the two ‘baddies' in the first ‘Home Alone' in 1990?


Question 3:

Whose marvelous breasts do we get a glimpse of in ‘Trading Places'?


Question 4:

Who played Clark Griswald's wife in ‘National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'?


Question 5:

Who directed ‘Batman Returns' and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas'?


Question 6:

Who played the lead role in 2003's ‘Elf'?


Question 7:

Who played the two male lead roles in 1942's ‘Holiday Inn'?


Question 8:

Who played the lead role in 1988's ‘Scrooged'?


Question 9:

What year was ‘Its A Wonderful Life' released?


Question 10:

Who played the nine year-old Ralphie Parker in ‘A Christmas Story'?







Question 1:

What year did Charles Dickens write ‘A Christmas Carol'?


Question 2:

Where was Charles Dickens born?


Question 3:

Who wrote the ‘Nutcracker' series of books?


Question 5:

Who wrote the ‘The Wizard of Oz' and ‘The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus'?


Question 5:

Who wrote ‘A Child's Christmas in Wales'?




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