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The Marillion Interview part 2

"The most underrated and misunderstood band in the world, but for hordes of fans, they are the most important and forward-thinking group on the globe. One of these fans is 2-UpTop's Jim Powell......."






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Ian Mosley - Mark Kelly - Steve Rothery - Pete Trewavas - Steve 'H' Hogarth





the marillion interview part two:






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First gig attended?

H - I went to see an awful band called Aorta at a youth club in Doncaster.

First proper gig - Deep Purple Sheffield City Hall. Changed my life. See further up the page....

Pete - Daryl Ways Woolf

Ian - Fleetwood Mac in the early 60's

Mark - Pink Floyd Wembley Arena 1977

Steve R - North Star, a local band where I grew up in Whitby, North Yorkshire



First gig played and its abiding memory?

H - Danum Grammar School. I did 'A Day In The Life' with piano and voice. No memory of it whatsoever.

Pete - First Gig ever played was with My sister when I was 9 or 10 year old for a Handicapped Children's party. We did it 3 years running I believe.

First Gig played with a band was with my School mates in the Drama room at lunch time when I was about 15.

Ian - A battle of the bands competition that my school Jazz orchestra entered when I was very young. We played an arrangement of a number called 'Cute' that featured drums and we won the competition.

Mark - Don't remember!

Steve R - Queens jubilee celebrations street party outside the singers house. We were pretty bad!


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What bands did you support when you were starting out?

H - Ask the band. There should be a few you've heard of.

Pete - Before Marillion I supported Fisher Z, Gillan and MOTT. When I joined Marillion the first support I remember us doing was in the USA with Todd Rundgren.

Ian - School orchestra supported The Who at a Uni gig in Oxford.

Mark - Marillion (it's how I got the job)

Steve R - Spider, and many others I can't remember.



Best gig played?

H - Carnival Stadium, Rio de Janeiro January 1990.

Pete - There have been quite a few. Probably one in Paris the Zenith or in Utrecht. But we did some good shows in Mexico City as well.

Ian - Gig that we did in Los Angeles the night my son Michael was born..I still have the sticks that I used..My drum tech had written Ian Mosley and son on them.

Steve R - San Paulo 1990.

Mark - I honestly don't know.


Favourite gig venue?

H - Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City

Pete - Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City

Ian - A lot to choose from..Probably Hammersmith Apollo or Wembley in London.Maybe the Zenith in Paris or Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City..

Steve R - Music Centrum, Utrecht

Mark - The Marquee Club, London


What state do you think the Music Industry will be in 10years time?

H - There will be no music industry as such - It'll all be videos of talent contest winners.

Pete - No idea!

Ian - Who knows? I just hope it is going to be in a much better state than it is in at the moment.

Mark - Music will be fine, the industry will be unrecognisable.

Steve R - Very little music sold. Most bands will either give up or work part time in the industry if they don't have a big enough following to support themselves through concert ticket sales.

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Favourite Radio Show?

Steve H - Bob Harris  BBC Radio 1 (at night)

Pete - Chris Moyles Breakfast show Radio 1

Ian - Just A Minute BBC radio show

Mark - BBC 6 music

Steve R - Jack FM, Oxford



Favourite tour cuisine?

H - Club Sandwiches on room service

Pete - Curry

Ian - Pick&Mix

Mark - Whopper with chesse

Steve R - Indonesian

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Both the Steves are putting every emotion into their performance or have they both realised they've just followed thru !!????!!

Favourite tour drinks?

H - For the shows, Tequila and Red Bull. Tastes awful - does the job

Pete - Diet Coke, Red Bull


Mark - Rioja

Steve R - Tequila, single malt whiskey or red wine (with an occasional cold beer or two)


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5 Favourite Films of All-Time?

H:  1 - Apocalypse Now

2 - Don't Look Now

3 - Amelie

4 - Blade Runner

5 - The Wicker Man

Pete:  1 - Shawshank Redemption

2 - Pulp Fiction

3 - Schindler's List

4 - Apocolypse Now

5 - Leon

Ian:  1 -Return of the Pink Panther

2 -Life of Brian

3 -Groundhog Day

4 -Night at the Opera(Marx brothers)

5 -Sea Biscuit

Steve R:  1 - Wings Of Desire

2 - Blade Runner

3 - Betty Blue

4 - The Thing

5 - Lord of the Rings trilogy

Mark:  1 - Blade Runner

2 - The Shining

3 - Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

4 - Usual Suspects

5 - Terminator 2

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Favourite actor?

H - Alan Rickman/Jeremy Irons, but you can't beat Martin Sheen's incredible performance in 'Apocalypse Now'. He's also a top bloke and very anti-war. That's a cruel irony for him, I guess.

Pete - Samuel L Jackson

Ian - Peter Sellars

Steve R - Gerard Depardieu

Mark - Jack Nicholson


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Favourite TV show?

H - Have I Got News For You

Pete - Fawlty Towers

Ian - CSI New York

Steve R - Black Adder

Mark - Lost

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Favourite comedian?

H - Jimmy Carr

Pete - David Mitchell

Ian - Tommy Cooper

Steve R - Robin Williams

Mark - Milton Jones





Favourite joke?

H - The one about the guy who looks over the garden fence to see a little girl digging a grave and asks her "Why are you digging that big hole, little girl?"

"To bury my goldfish - she died today", says the little girl without looking up.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Why such a big hole?" asks the man.

"It's inside your cat!" she says.

Pete - A small boy goes in to a pet shop and asks, "Do you sell wasps?"

"No of course we don't sell wasps", is the shopkeeper's reply.

"Well you've got one in the window".

Ian - What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?....Homeless

Steve R - What do you do when a drummer knocks at your door - Take the pizza off him

Mark - What do you call a donkey with 3 legs? - A wonkey



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What 5 Books will you always go back to?

H:  ‘The Power Of Now' - Eckhart Tolle, also ‘The Night Manager' by John Le Carre.

Pete:  1 - The Grapes Of Wrath

2 - A Prayer For Owen Meany

3 - Shogun

4 - A Short History Of Nearly Everything

5 - Lord Of The Rings

Ian:  1 -The History Of Percussion by James Blades

2 - Flat Pack Building For Beginners

3 - Mr Crabtree Go's Fishing

4 - The Oxford Dictionary

5 - Speak Mandarin In 2000 Easy Steps

Mark:  1 - Telephone Directory

2 - Oxford Dictionary

3 - Roget's Thesaurus

4 - Yellow Pages

5 - Haynes Chicken Manual

Steve R:  1 - A Prayer For Owen Meany - John Irving

2 - Birdsong - Sebastian Falks

3 - A Clash Of Kings - George R R Martin

4 - Birds Without Wings - Louis De Bernieres

5 - Moving Pictures - Terry Pratchett



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Most money won on a bet?

H - Old money: 2 shillings and sixpence on L'Escargot winning the Grand National when I was about 7 years old. Haven't won anything since then. Haven't bet on much either.

Pete - Probably £3.00 or so on a Man Utd win.

Ian - £47 on a scratch card.

Steve R - £10

Mark - £84 (on the lottery)





Favourite city?

H - Rio de Janeiro

Pete - Barcelona

Ian - Rio de Janeiro

Steve R - Paris

Mark - Dublin



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Heroes in Life?

H - Nelson Mandela, my mum and dad, and anyone who got old without bitterness - especially if they are black.

Pete - My Dad, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Charlton.

Ian - Nelson Mandela

Steve R - Carl Sagan, Neil Armstrong, Richard Dawkins

Mark - Spiderman









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Marillion sound like a completely different band than the one from the Fish years. Who are your influences these days?

Ian - The different band members all bring very diverse influences. But I know what you mean. We really are a different band now. When Fish left, the four of us always wrote the music anyway and we knew we enjoyed working together and thought we still had something to offer. So there was never really any question of us splitting up. When H came along and joined us for the ‘Seasons End' album, we had a lot of material already written. Apart from doing some great vocals, H's contribution at that time was quite minimal.

The next album, ‘Holidays In Eden' was hard work because it was the first time as a band we had to sit down and write an album together, and find each other's direction. So that was a difficult album. But for me, the ‘Brave' album is the one where we actually became a band again. It took three albums for us to actually grow together to where we were a band again. But yeah, we are a different band now. The core sound is still there with Steve Rothery on guitar. But we still feel like we're moving forward.





Do you have a favorite Fish drinking story?

Ian - It's funny, but it's also kind of sad really. I remember when he lived with me for about two months once. And I came downstairs one day and it looked like he was drinking - well I said what is that you're drinking Fish? And he said gravy. It was like gravy with vodka in it or something. And I said why are you doing that? And he said, well I'm giving up drinking. His other idea of giving up drinking was just drinking port.





Do you think the tide has turned to the point where more fans have come on board since Steve's arrival as lead singer than had been around during Fish's era as frontman?

Pete - I think we have, really. Yeah, I think we have. We have got a much younger, newer audience now. I often hear a lot of people coming up now, saying, "Oh, I didn't know the band before Steve was in the band," or, "I didn't know the band before a certain album," maybe ‘Afraid of Sunlight' or ‘Brave', even. So, yeah, it's moving on, which is encouraging. But it's moving on slowly. It does take a lot of effort and a lot of money to just ... keep yourself standing still, really.





Does it bother you that a lot of the older people who knew you from songs like 'Kayleigh' still think of you in those terms today?

Steve R - It doesn't bother us, really. It's part of the history and the tradition of the band, really. I think there's still a lot of the same musical energy and passion there in the band. We've all just evolved as musicians and writers, and, obviously, when Steve joined back with 'Season's End', it's an extra musician making a contribution to the whole creative process. So that's just how it goes. I mean, the important thing for a band like us is that, with every album, we try to make it a little bit different. We try to keep it fresh and interesting. Which, when you've made 15 albums, is quite a challenge, actually.



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What does 'Marillion' mean in context of the band?

H - A blessing and a curse. A name we should perhaps have changed in 1989. NOT A SCOTTISH HEAVY METAL BAND.





After such a big career do you still have some projects or dreams that you want to achieve?

Mark - Well nothing that we haven't done before but we would like to play more in festivals, especially outdoor festivals! We've done a few now and for us it's a real challenge. Don't get me wrong it's great to play in venues, but playing in a festival, that's a way and a chance for us to be discovered by people who don't know us. It's a bit messy because you don't have sound-check and stuff like that but it's cool to do that!











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