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"Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky, we all know Major Asif's a junkie. 2-UpTop writers talk about their cricket highlights. "


The Interview: Mulls

Mulling Things Over


Name:   Andrew Muller


State Supported: South Australia (unfortunately)


First Match Attended & it's Abiding Memory: Australia v West Indies at the Adelaide Oval. I think it was in the 84/85 summer. Can't remember much about the game I think Geoff Lawson took a few wickets in the first innings, but remember thinking there were a lot of chicks in bikinis.


Favourite Ground: Adelaide Oval


Favourite Ever ODI: World cup matches against South Africa. In particular 1999 (I think) when Allan Donald panicked and got ran out for a draw with Australia going through.  They still have not recovered.


Favourite Ever Test Match: Boxing Day Test 2006. Warnie's last test in Melbourne. He took the world record (at the time) 700th test wicket against the Poms. I was lucky enough to be there!!


Favourite Ever Test Series: Ashes series 2006. So many things to love...Harmison's first ball.... What a joke. Warnie's 700th test wicket at his home ground. Four great Australian players retiring (Langer, Martyn, McGrath and Warne).....and lets face it...5-0 is good in anyone's books!!


Fantasy X1:
These are all players who I can remember watching and thinking how good they were.

1 - Sunil Gaviskar
2 - Matthew Hayden
3 - Greg Chappell (C)
4 - Viv Richards
5 - Sachin Tendulkar
6 - Brian Lara
7 - Adam Gilchrist
8 - Shane Warne
9 - Malcolm Marshall
10 - Wasim Akram
11 - Glenn McGrath


Player for the Future: No one stands out and grabs me by the balls. Phil Hughes has all the makings to be an absolute star. Lets hope he can deliver half of what he has showed so far.


Hero in Cricket: Darren Lehmann/ Shane Warne


Where state do you think Test Match Cricket will be in 10years time?:
Hopefully in its traditional form. I have my doubts however. With the changes to the game of T20 and the money that is giving players, I think the interest in test cricket will decrease.  Test match cricket needs to create more rivalries like we have in the ashes.  If they can do that then it will survive. Quality cricket is the key, not quantity!  

First Album Ever Bought:
On vinyl, Def Leppard - Hysteria


Last Album Bought:
On I-Tunes (how times have changed) Metallica - Magnetic


Desert Island/Isle Of Mann Discs - What 5 Albums would you take?:
1 - Metallica - Magnetic
2 - David Gray - White Ladder
3 - Foo Fighters - Skin and Bones
4 - Jeff Buckley - Grace
5 - Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colours ... nah just fuking with ya! The Radiators - Give Me Head. A must in anyone's music collection. If you don't have it... go get it!


First Gig Attended:
Kiss at Memorial Drive in Adelaide


Favourite Gig Venue:
Thebarton Theater in Adelaide.


Fantasy Band:
Vocals: Dave Grohl
Lead Guitar: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rhythm Guitar: Eric Clapton
Bass Guitar: Gene Simmons
Drums: Lars Ulrich
Keyboards: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Thought I would mix it up a bit!


Hero in Music: Gene Simmons.  A man who can root that many women, get pics and have your missus ok with it is a fukn legend in my books!


What state do you think the Music Industry will be in 10years time?:
Unfortunately a lot more music computer generated instead of rocking it out the old fashion way


Favourite Radio Show:  Hamish and Andy are all I can think of.


First Film seen at the Cinema: Rain Man.


Favourite Films of All-Time:
1 - Death at a Funeral
2 - Saving Private Ryan
3 - Brave Heart
4 - The Usual Suspects
5 - The Dark Knight


Favourite Actor: Edward Norton


Favourite Comedian:  Eddie Murphy.  His stand up is gold.


Favourite TV Show: Seinfeld.

Favourite Author:  Eckhart Tolle


What 5 Books will you always go back to:
1 - A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose - Eckhart Tolle
2 - The Power of now: A guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - Eckhart Tolle
3 - Shanataram - Gregory David Roberts
4 - Huckleberry Fin - Mark Twain
5 - Jack the Ripper - Philip Sugden


Hero in Literature: I hope not too many people I know have one.  Might have to reassess my friendship!


Most money won on a bet:  Does $10 on a scratchy ticket count?  If not, prob about $200 at the races.


Favourite City: San Francisco


Favourite Cuisine: Mexican


Favourite Drink: Bourbon



Who would you consider ‘playing away' from the missus with? (hopefully with her consent): Jennifer Anniston/ Catherine Zeta Muller (Jones)

Who would you consider turning gay with? (hopefully with their consent):
Andrew Muller - I have heard he is a sure thing!

Hero in Life: Still looking for one




The Interview: Ashes to Ashes


Name: Mark Dunford

County Supported: Kent


First Game Attended & it's Abiding Memory: Hampshire v Gloucestershire, in the early 90's. Mark Nicholas hitting a huge straight six to guide Hants to victory.


Favourite Ground: Lord's


Favourite Ever ODI: Australia v South Africa, March 12 2006. Ridiculous totals!


Favourite Ever Test Match: England v Australia 2nd Test 2005, Edgbaston.  England won by 2 runs


Favourite Ever Test Series: England v Australia 2005


Fantasy X1: (these are all players I would pay a lot of money to watch, ones who missed out were Steve Waugh, KP, Waqar Younis, Brendan McCullum and Yuvraj Singh, although I really don't like him!)
1 - Graham Gooch
2 - Virendar Sehwag
3 - Brian Lara
4 - Sachin Tendulkar
5 - Ricky Ponting
6 - Ian Botham
7 - Adam Gilchrist
8 - Shane Warne
9 - Wasim Akram
10 - Curtley Ambrose
11 - Courtney Walsh

Player for the Future:  Tom Smith (Sussex)

Hero in Cricket:  Ian Botham

Where state do you think Test Match Cricket will be in 10years time?:
I think Test Match cricket will still be in a healthy state in 10 years time.
The rise of Twenty20 and the IPL is good for the game, but as long as it does not interfere (and I don't think the governing bodies will let it interfere) with Test cricket, the purist form of the game will continue to flourish.
You only have to see the recent Tests against Australia and India and Australia and South Africa that Test cricket can be as enthralling as ODIs and Twenty20.
The crowds (especially when England and the Asian countries play) will always be sell out at Test Matches, so as long as the ECB, other governing bodies and sponsors continue to invest in Test Match cricket, the best form of the game will survive for a few more years yet.
The only worry is if the West Indies keep producing pitches like they have done for the recent England tour and if the ICC continue to introduce new systems like the referrals without testing them properly first. If things like that continue, then we have a problem on our hands.



The Interview: Ashes to Ashes

Jimminy Cricket!

Name: Jimmy Aspinwall


County/State Supported: Lancashire and to a lesser extent Queensland Bulls.


First Game Attended & it's Abiding Memory: I watched West Indies vs England at Old Trafford in the now demolished 'Blue Seat Stand.' I remember that the first ball of the match was hit off Angus Fraser for four. Everyone groaned a 'here we go again.' 3 balls later Carl Hooper was out and England went on to win. Dominic Cork got a hat-trick in the second innings and Jack Russell played a cameo to get us over the line.


Favourite Ground: I've never been there but I think that Eden Gardens in Kolkata looks like the ultimate venue to watch cricket. The test matches are always crackers there as well.
To play on, my favourite ground would have to be a little village ground called white coppice. It's the ultimate village cricket ground in a valley in Lancashire. They even used it to film a kids TV show when I was little.


Favourite Ever ODI: It would have to be the one where Australia smashed the world record score 438 in the final and deciding ODI against South Africa. After over 1000 ODIs they beat the previous record by a staggering 38 runs. It was the ultimate assassination on the whole bowling attack with Ricky Ponting playing maybe the best ODI innings of all time. Who would have thought that it would be eclipsed in the same game by an out of form Herschel Gibbs with South Africa on their way to breaking the record again in the very same match.


Favourite Ever Test Match: It is somewhat clichéd but the Fredgbaston test in '05 takes some beating. Not just the match, the way it panned out- but what it started.
Also, the Headingly test that Botham, Dilley and Bob Willis resurrected from being 500/1 to win still gets me after 28 years. It was the unwinnable.
Away from England I loved the 2nd Test in Kolkata between India and Steve Waugh's rampant Aussies in 2001. India followed on 274 behind on a crumbling pitch and were 4 down for 200. This was the game that Laxman and Dravid batted throughout the 4th day without a wicket falling. They destroyed Shane Warne on a pitch that on the following day, they spun Australia out in just over a session to end Australia's run of 16 wins in a row. What a comeback. India won by 171, the same score that they were bungled out for in their first innings.


Favourite Ever Test Series: If you don't say the 2005 Ashes series then you're not a true Englishman.


Fantasy X1:
1 - Viv Richards
2 - Virendar Sehwag
3 - Sachin Tendulkar
4 - Aravinda de Silva
5 - Steve Waugh
6 - Ian Botham
7 - Adam Gilchrist
8 - Wasim Akram
9 - Mutiah Muralitharan
10 - Curtley Ambrose
11 - Dennis Lillie

Player for the Future: Stuart Broad. The kid has ‘ticker' and is a real competitor.

Hero in Cricket:  Freddie Flintoff is a legend. Everyone loves him. For me, it's the way he convinces you every time he's in the action, that he will drag the team over the line.

Where state do you think Test Match Cricket will be in 10years time?:
I think it will stay at the top for the purists as long as the games regulators look after it.
I have a simple plan for this. Play all the Twenty/20 stuff and One-Dayers at the start of the season and build each summer up to the main event - TEST CRICKET. What happens now is that we play the test matches as soon as the touring team lands; by the time the locals know who the tourist players are, its One-Dayers time. Players feel their way into the test series and are in full swing by the time a meaningless One-Day series starts. Tell me how many One-Day series can you remember being won and lost over the last 5 years.
The one exception to this format came in 2005.
Remember that summer?



The Interview: Ashes to Ashes



Name: David Edmondson


County Supported: Sussex


First Game Attended & it's Abiding Memory:
I remember watching Hampshire v Sussex at Hove in a John Player Special Sunday League 40 over game in 1985. I remember Imran Khan smacking it to all parts and finishing with a six to bring up his hundred with the last ball of the innings. I thought 238 would be a winning score, but Greenidge opened and played a magnificently paced innings for 124 not out to win the game. Found a link to the scorecard below. The abiding memory was the 2 different ways to score a hundred, both classics!


Favourite Ground:
Arundel, especially when you can wander in for free, lie on the bank in the sunshine and watch the likes of Chris Adams smash boundaries galore.


Favourite Ever ODI:
I loved watching the 1992 Benson & Hedges World Cup in Australia. One of my school mates was one of the first people I knew to have Sky or satellite telly and we would all crowd around his parents' house late at night to watch the England games into the morning, before heading into college. The one that sticks out is Botham taking 4-31 against the Aussies, then opening the batting with Gooch and getting a quick fifty (well by the strike rates at the time it was quick!) as England cruised. He always upped his game against the Aussies.


Favourite Ever Test Match:
Would have to be the Egbaston 2005 Ashes Test.


Favourite Ever Test Series:
2005 Ashes series, although remember watching far too much of the away series that England managed to win in Pakistan for the first time in ages. Was on study leave supposed to be studying for my accountancy exams, but just couldn't resist watching.

Fantasy X1:  This is to conquer the Test, One Day and 20/20 games, from current day
1 - Virender Sehwag
2 - Gautam Gambhir
3 - Ricky Ponting
4 - Kevin Pietersen
5 - Kumar Sangakarra (wk)
6 - Michael Clarke
7 - Andrew Flintoff
8 - Daniel Vettorri (capt)
9 - Sohail Tanvir
10 - Dale Steyn
11 - Muttiah Muralitharan

And of course from years gone by:

1 - Graeme Gooch
2 - Gordon Greenidge
3 - Brian Lara
4 - Viv Richards
5 - Steve Waugh
6 - Adam Gilchrist (wk)
7 - Ian Botham
8 - Imran Khan (capt)
9 - Richard Hadlee
10 - Shane Warne
11 - Dennis Lillee


Player for the Future:  Stuart Broad

Hero in Cricket:  I.T.Botham

Where state do you think Test Match Cricket will be in 10years time?:
Pretty similar to where it is now.





The Interview: Ashes to Ashes


Name: Jim Powell


County Supported: Hampshire


First Game Attended & it's Abiding Memory:
Hampshire v Surrey in the Schweppes County Championship in July 1983. It was a drawn match at the old County Ground in Southampton. I went to all 3 days, organized by our school during activities week. It was so memorable because the top stars really performed. In the Hants 1st innings, opener Gordon Greenidge hit 83 while Malcolm Marshall hit an unbeaten ton! Surrey replied with a ferocious Monty Lynch innings of 119. One six he hit, smashed one of my school friends in the head, cutting his face and breaking his glasses. Lynch was a true gent by having a knock-up with him before Hants 2nd innings. In Hampshire's 2nd innings Greenidge hit a majestic 154. All very impressive stuff.


Favourite Ground: The Gabba (Brisbane), Eden Gardens (Kolkata) & The Rose Bowl.


Favourite Ever ODI: The drawn 4th ODI between New Zealand and England in Napier in February 2008. An amazing comeback by England and some incredible last over drama.


Favourite Ever Test Match: An obvious one here. England v Australia 2nd Test 2005, Edgbaston.  England won by 2 runs and Flintoff consoling Brett Lee.


Favourite Ever Test Series: England v Australia 2005 Ashes. It just shades the 1981 and 1987 Ashes Series.


Fantasy X1:
1 - Gordon Greenidge
2 - Desmond Haynes
3 - Sachin Tendulkar
4 - Kevin Pietersen
5 - Viv Richards
6 - Ian Botham
7 - Adam Gilchrist
8 - Andrew Flintoff
9 - Wasim Akram
10 - Shane Warne
11 - Darren Gough
12th Man - Paul Collingwood


Players for the Future: Liam Dawson & Hamza Riazuddin (Hants) and Tim Bresnan (Yorkshire)


Heroes in Cricket: Ian Botham, Andrew Flintoff, Mike Gatting, Raj Maru, Robin Smith, Trevor Jesty, Anil Kumble, Gordon Greenidge & Malcolm Marshall


Favourite Current Players: Dimi Mascarenhas & Kevin Pietersen


Favourite Commentators: A revolving team of Ian Chappell/Nasser Hussain - David 'Bumble' Lloyd/Ian Botham - Mark Nicholas/Michael Slater


Where state do you think Test Match Cricket will be in 10years time?:
I am slightly worried about the money being ploughed into the short formats of the game and also the balance of power now being held by the sub-continent, who much prefer this type of cricket, BUT I have to admit that this is getting more younger and diverse people watching cricket.
Also, all the people who truly love cricket, love Test cricket and will never let it die. It's the ultimate in cricketing excellence and concentration.
As long as the governing bodies don't become complacent then I think it will still be going strong in 2019.





The Interview: Ashes to Ashes

What's Up Wato.......our Aussie Member!

Name:  James Watson



State Supported: New South Wales


First Game Attended & it's Abiding Memory:

It was the game when Allan Lamb hit Bruce Reid for 20 of the last over to win at the SCG. Still burns in my memory. In fact I just found it on the web (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5LD1AZqRuo) and it is still painful.



Favourite Ground: SCG



Favourite Ever ODI: the game where south Africa fell apart in the 1999 world cup was probably my favorite. (found it on the web too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tucNG561p7c&feature=related).



Favourite Ever Test Match: The Adelaide test, 2007, where the English fell apart after Collingwood scored a double century. Fantastic last day and we got the Ashes back.

(See here for a good summary http://the-ashes.cricket.deepthi.com/australia-england-adelaide-ashes-test-2006.html)


Favourite Ever Test Series: The 2005 Ashes series was pretty amazing. And every test series that Australia plays South Africa in South Africa.


Fantasy X1: (I chosen from all the players I have seen live)
1 - G Greenidge
2 - S Gavaskar
3 - S Tendulkar
4 - V Richards
5 - R Ponting
6 - S Waugh
7 - A Gilchrist (wc)    
8 - R Hadlee
9 - S Warne
10 - C Ambrose
11 - W Akram

These are from all the players who are currently playing
1 - G Gambhir
2 - G Smith
3 - S Tendulkar
4 - R Ponting
5 - AB De Villiers    
6 - K Pietersen    
7 - K Sangakkara (wc)    
8 - P Siddle
9 - S Afridi
10 - I Sharma
11 - D Steyn

Player for the Future:  Ishant Sharma is going to take a shed load of wickets in the future


Hero in Cricket:  Archie Jackson

Where state do you think Test Match Cricket will be in 10years time?:

Same as today - you cant do away from test cricket and the people who truly love cricket will always back it.