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Who did the Trotters support?

It's obvious that the Trotters loved football as a sport. Clearly Rugby is for Grammar school kids and there was a fat chance of Del or Rodney getting to Grammar school. Two GCE's was pushing it!

Del wasn't a Millwall fan as he was quite derogatory "Stone me Rodney, a Millwall fan could have worked that out! Rodney Don't keep on at me Del, at least I'm trying ain't I, which is more than I can say for you."

Rodney was a Chelsea fan as he claimed in Sids cafe " Chelsea dropped 3 on Saturday "

Grandad (Ted Trotter) was a Millwall fan as was Reg Trotter (Del's Dad)

Grandad reveals that Reg Trotter was a Millwall fan. "Your dad always said that one day Del Boy would reach the top. Then again, he always said Millwall would win the cup".

Joan Trotter was a Charlton fan - We all know Rodney inherited his middle name Charlton.

Some say Del Boy was Crystal Palace as there was always a scarf hanging in the hallway in the early episodes