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What gets the writers of 2-UpTop all hot and bothered?
Who gives a fuck I hear you say, but the whole point of being an 'Anorak' is reading this kind of doey-eyed and nostalgic vent-spleening, pouring out of their very souls.....
Arseholes, I hear you say again!
Just read them please.....we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did writing them.

A drunken menage a trois

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Lukey, Jimma and Dunners all spill their beans together

Haggers spills his beans!

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Whether he's slapping or plucking, Haggers is a demon on the bass guitar. We really wanna see those fingers!

The Members End

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Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky, we all know Major Asif's a junkie. 2-UpTop writers talk about their cricket highlights.

Jim Powell spills his beans!

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Author of non-seller 'Walking In My Shoes' & 2UpTop's founder & Editor-in-Chief

Lukey Moore spills his beans!

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The star of 'The Football Ramble' & London's 'go to man'

Edmo spills his beans!

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2-UpTop's Champion DreamTeamer & Spreadbetter, who always plays with a straight bat

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