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The sixty-year-old battle between German sports brand makers Adidas and Puma has come to an end as employees of the two firms joined forces in a mixed-team soccer match. The founders of each sports brand were brothers who fell out during the second world war. The firms decided to join forces to mark Peace Day, on 21 September 2009.

Ikon Footwear: All The Mod Cons

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Here's some modtastic footwear to go with your Pretty Green clothing.

Liam's got a pocketful of Pretty Green

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Oasis frontman consoles himself with the break-up of the band, with his own and very cool fashion brand Pretty Green.

Cool Footy T Shirts

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That got your attention!!! There are a few genres that produce cool t-shirts; comedy, music and football. Here's three different shirt companies that all sell very cool, but very different football t-shirts.

A Mod Couple: The Two Pauls

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Paul Weller, the best dressed man in rock, had just turned 50. And one of his biggest fans is the fashion designer Sir Paul Smith. Here, as a birthday tribute,the Independent's John Walsh chaired, as one great British original interviewed the other about 30 years in the music business, first suits, changing styles, politics and beyond.

Fair Game?

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After England paraded their spanking brand new gleaming all-white retro Umbro kit, we wondered if anyone who after purchasing a new kit, thought where it was made, by who and how?

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