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Headswim: Despite Yourself

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Headswim are a real lost gem. Their second album 'Despite Yourself' is one of the greatest albums of all-time in our humble opinion. It's epic, dark, emotional and moving.

TOYAH: Anthem & The Changeling

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Most people think Toyah Wilcox is just some saucy older woman, who loves to talk about sex and is married to guitar virtuoso Robert Fripp, but back in the early 1980's Toyah was a very big pop star who released two very high quality albums 'Anthem' and ' The Changeling'; mixing pure pop, punk, dark gothic and prog rock in equal measures.

Sneaker Pimps: Becoming X

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Sneaker Pimps are a British Trip-hop band formed in Hartlepool in 1995. They are best known for their first album 'Becoming X' and particularly the singles '6 Underground' and 'Spin Spin Sugar' from the same album. They took their name from an article the Beastie Boys published in their Grand Royal magazine about a man they hired to track down classic sneakers.

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