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Are UK Festivals in Crisis?

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Simon Jay Catling speaks to festival organisers who know otherwise

Inside the House Of Rufus Wainwright

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Interview: Rufus Wainwright on Opera, Gaga and The House of Rufus. by Bronya Louise Francis

The Great Rock n Roll Sell Out

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Gone are the days when bands would be scorned for getting into bed with corporate sponsors and brands, so what ever happened to "selling out"? by Dorian Lynskey

Entering the house of the Sisters Of Mercy

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Dom Gourlay caught up with the Sisters Of Mercy before their Sonisphere 2011 appearance

Amy should have gone to rehab..Yes:Yes:Yes

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Amy Winehouse has joined the ranks of rock stars dead before their time. Helen Brown examines their descent into addiction and despair.

The Best Music Videos of All Time

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To celebrate the launch of NMEVideo.com, NME put together a list of the 100 greatest videos of all time.

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