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Kerrang celebrates 30years in the moshpit

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Kerrang! may have lost focus in recent years, but the fact that it continues to thrive after three decades is cause for celebration Kerrang!'s 30th birthday is worth making some noise about.

He Blinded Me With Science

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The "evils of the industry" and recording on a lifeboat: Dave Edwards meets Thomas Dolby

The boy who cried Wolf

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"Less of my dirty laundry & more of the things I find inspirational": Patrick Wolf on Lupercalia. by David Edwards

Coxon is a Derby fan not Chelsea!

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"There's no point in touring with a band if you're playing music that you hate"

Clare Maguire: Only fools rush in

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First she turned down Jay-Z's label, then she said no to a Jarvis Cocker track; not bad for someone who had just quit Topshop. Alexis Petridis meets singer-songwriter Clare Maguire.

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