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Walking in My Shoes

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It's the 1st part of the autobiographical reflections on a colourful life and a chequered past, culminating in the Millennium. A story full of sex and drugs and rock & roll, though up to that point in his life, he wasn't that successful in any of those headings! Throw in Portsmouth FC and some sport and lists into the mixer too, and you've got 'Walking in my Shoes'

Some of the highlights, are the author's lowlights, including schoolboy japes, getting caught shoplifting, losing his virginity, a best friend dying, football violence, having an affair with a married woman 10 years his senior whilst in his teens, sexual misdemeanours and disasters, a failed attempt at starting a band, a failed football trial with Portsmouth FC, a court appearance for fighting with a customer in the shop he worked at, working in London, being mugged at gun and knife point, being arrested for fraud, having to tell his dad that mum was having an affair with his best friend, parents splitting up, looking after a sofa ridden father after he'd been diagnosed with lung cancer, dad dying, being estranged from the rest of his family, getting married, getting divorced, a reconciliation with mum, STD's and regrets........there's been a few!
As it follows his life year on year, so it also follows the real love of his life; Portsmouth FC, year-in year-out.
Pompey haven't always been an established Premier League side; in fact since 1979, when he first started watching Pompey up until the Millennium they've been mainly poor. Mirroring Powell's life, Pompey's time has been a mixture of a few highs and many lows, but most of all, lots of fun and lots of laughs.
His other passions are music and lists, and 'Walking in my Shoes' fully covers these topics. In fact due to Powell's obsession with lists; which are interspersed throughout the book with 'My Top100 Albums of the 80's' and 'Top40 Guitar Solos of All-Time' and many many more, it documents these passions perfectly.
He isn't anyone famous, just an everyday fella living an everyday life. Sometimes this can be more interesting and entertaining than any story a celebrity can offer.
More importantly its cheap and you might be in it !?