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Welcome to the 2-UpTop 2010-11 WORLD FANTASY LEAGUE, kindly sponsored by CULTZEROS


Playing with 4 teams from 15 different leagues from around Britain and the World, you get to follow your favourite club sides from around the globe, and gain points from the real-life matches being played in the different leagues.

All the clubs are points ranked in their relevant leagues i.e Premier League - Chelsea 116 - Blackpool 97.

All you have to do is pick 4 teams from each league, making sure you don't exceed the maximum ranking points allowed.

By your teams winning, drawing or losing in the real-life matches played, determines what points your teams have gained from their matches.

If they win: Your team gets their own ranking points plus the ranking points of the opposition they have just beaten

If they draw: Your team gets their own ranking points plus half of the ranking points of the opposition they have just drawn with

If they lose: Your team get's what they deserve....nothing!

(Please see the Rules page for a more detailed game and points scoring ruling.)

The total points of all of your chosen clubs in all of the 15 different leagues combine to give you your team's overall score, in the chase for the glory of winning the World Fantasy League.


You have until 12.30pm Saturday 14th August 2010' (UK time) to register a team.

If you are already a 2-UpTop or WFL user and have forgotten your password, then select the 'Forgotten Password>' link and you will be sent an email to choose a new password.

If you have forgotten your User Name, then please just email us here at [email protected] and we will be able to find that out for you.

And this season you have the opportunity to take advantage of three Transfer Windows (dates detailed on the Rules Page)


Not only is this fun to play and tests your knowledge of world football, but there are prizes too!

Yes there are cash prizes for the Top 4 places come the end of the season and a free 2-UpTop WFL T-Shirt for everyone who finished in the Top 10.


Also thanks to our friends at Cultzeros, we have a Manager Of The Month award for the boss who has gained the most points for that month of matches.

For that lucky manager (or should we say skilled), you get to choose a customisied t-shirt from Cultzeros of anyone you fancy and get it delivered to your home!




What is a Cult Zero?

A Cult Zero is whoever you want it to be... Cultzeros aim to celebrate the lesser known players of the ‘less fashionable' clubs along with recognised legends of the world stage.
They also run a request service.
If you can't find the player you want in the Cultzeros gallery then let them know and they'll do their best to sort it out.

So if you're after your boyhood hero, or to buy a despised player for your 'mate's' birthday present, Cultzeros will take care of it!



Here's some satisfied Cultzeros customers:


Mick Quinn                                                         Eugene Dadi                                 Johnny Metgod




So once you've logged-in and registered your team name, get picking your teams from the leagues below in the My Team page.




There is a Stats page where by clicking on any team from any league, will link you to details of every match that team has played this season and how they got on.......good for getting ready for the Transfer Windows and good for being a Statto!